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A Digimon Christmas Album

A Christmas Album coming this November!

This was announced yesterday. We are getting a Christmas Album for the holidays in Japan but it is only going to be sold via a digital service such as Google Play, Amazon, Itunes, etc.

It is due to come out on the 25th of November which is just over a couple of weeks away and it will cost 1,364 yen to buy digitally!

The art looks fantastic but it is a shame that there is no physical copy of the album.

The album will feature 6 songs. 5 of them are old songs and one new one by Ayumi Miyazaki called Wrap Your Feelings.

The tracklist is:
Utao Bokura no Merry Christmas by Wada Kouji
Tenshi no Inori by AiM
Christmas Night by Wada Kouji
Believe by AiM
Minna no Christmas by Wada Kouji
Wrap Your Feelings by Ayumi Miyazaki

There is also an online shop selling this art on badges etc which I will write about soon.

Products for the latest LB Pop-Up Shop

We now have products!

There is a range of different merch that is up for grabs which all looks really nice.

Up first we have Digital Digi Odama featuring the eight chosen children and which are going to be on sale for ¥ 650 (excluding tax)

Next, we have some more acrylic key chain keychains which featuring the eight chosen children which are going to be on sale for ¥ 900 each (tax not included)

We also have the 02 chosen children acrylic key chain keychains which are going to be on sale for ¥ 900 each (tax not included)

Next, we have some more Acrylic key holder which are the key art which is used and are going to be on sale for ¥ 900 each (tax not included)

Digimon The Movie 19th Anniversary

Today is Digimon The Movie 19th Anniversary! The movie was released back in October 6th 2000.

The movie itself is made up of 3 different movies which are Digimon Adventure Moive, Our War Game and Hurricane Touchdown!

The move featured songs from Smash Mouth, LEN, Barenaked Ladies, Fatball Slim, Paul Gardon who did a lot of the Digimon English dub music just to name featured artist. You can still find the CD for a decent price as well as you can purchase a digital copy from iTunes and other similar places. The CD does contain hidden tracks that were not released digitally. They are the following:

 Digimon Main Theme (Extended) (Hidden Track) – Digimon: The Movie ST
  14. Change Into Power (Hidden Track) – Digimon: The Movie ST
  15. Kick It Up (Hidden Track) – Digimon: The Movie ST
  16. Going Digital (Hidden Track) – Digimon: The Movie ST
  17. Strange (Hidden Track) – Digimon: The Movie ST
The movie budget was $5 million according to sources and the movie made at the box office was $16,643,191. Overall the movie was a success financially.
The movie does get opinions about it but overall I enjoyed it even though I personally felt that  Hurricane Touchdown should have not been edited as it did cut a lot of the movie out.
What was your favourite part of the movie? I have to say mine was Our War Game. I felt the animation was breatuily along with the style of it.  I honestly hope that we will get a Blu-ray release of the movie in the future.

Take a look inside the Digimon 20th Anniversary Memorial brochure

I managed to buy a copy of the Digimon 20th Anniversary Memorial brochure which was available at this years DigiFes but can also be bought via Toei-Anime online store.

Let’s get into it!

The cover of the book is really nice but it is a little bit damaged sadly. You have the DigiFes2019 Logo in the centre of the book in gold along with the 20th-anniversary logo for Digimon Adventure in the bottom right-hand side.

The first two pages we see the DigiFes logo along with the 20th-anniversary logo for Digimon Adventure with a Digivice at the bottom of the page. If anyone wants to translate the book just let us know!

02 Characters revealed.

The 02 designs were shown off early before the DigiFes even has started. We get to somewhat their designs are going to look like but we do not know what role they will play in the movie if it’s just a small role or not.


The voice actors for the following characters are Fukujuurou Katayama, Arthur Lounsbery, Ayaka Asai & Yoshitaka Yamaya

Hopefully, this weekend will be a busy weekend for Digimon news!

Thanks goes to @pkjd8I8 for the images.