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Digimon Pop-Up shop now open!

The store is now open!

The pop-up shop was announced a few weeks back and now recently just opened. More info can be found here.

Products on sale:

First up we have a clear file featuring the new key art of the kids and their Digimon partners. The clear file will cost you 400 yen to buy excluding tax.

Next up with have some badges featuring the new key are which will be blind packaged and will cost 400 yen each to buy excluding tax.

Some new keychains up for grabs which do look cool and they will cost 900 yen to buy each excluding tax.

Once again we got some new memorial magnet featuring scenes from the different Digimon series (S1 to S4) and are blind packaged which are on sale for 700 yen each excluding tax.


We have some more embroidery patches which seem to be popular within the Digimon community. The patches are 800 yen each to buy excluding tax.

Next, we have some hair bands of Patamon and Tailmon which will cost 2,200 each to buy!

We have a set of LaQ of Agumon and Gabumon! They will cost 2,000 yen to buy as a set excluding tax.

We have some more travel stickers up for grabs this time!  They are 700 yen each to buy excluding tax!

We have some more Acrylic de cards which are very popular! They feature the chosen children from the reboot for time and will cost 600 yen each to buy and are blind packaged.

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Digimon Adventure: Episode 4 back 28 June!

It has officially been announced!

It has been posted by several official Digimon twitter accounts that episode 4 will be airing in Japan on June 28th! It will air in the normal timeslot in Japan on Fuji TV and will be released onto Crunchyroll a few hours later for the people who live outside of Japan! You can watch episode 1 to 3 for free right now without a needing a Crunchyroll premium account by clicking here!

The official tweet can be found below:

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Some merchandise for Digimon Adventure:

There has been some merchandise appearing over on twitter that will be available to buy at the end of April!

First up we have some Digimon Acrylic charms!

They feature all the chosen children and their Digimon partners. They are due to be sold at the end of the month. You can find the item page here.

Finally, we have some can badges!


There are 8 to collect and they feature the chosen children and their Digimon partners. They are due to be released at the end of the month. The item page can be found here.

There isn’t much information on these products but once more information surfaces I will update the post.

Hopefully, more merchandise for the reboot gets announced soon!

Edit: It appears that these have been delayed until the end of May.

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Digimon Adventure: Postponed!

It was announced that last night that Digimon Adventure: has temporarily been Postponed

It was announced by the official Digimon TV twitter account that as of now there will not be any new episodes airing until further over COVID-19. I do think most people were expecting this news so this weeks episode that is due to be released on Crunchyroll will not happen. We do not know when production will resume right now but as of now, it is for the best with what is going on in the world.

Hopefully, we will get some more information in the coming weeks.

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21st Anniversary of Digimon Adventure

It is the 21st Anniversary of Digimon Adventure which first started airing in Japan on 07 March 1999 on the Fuji Television!

Over the last 20 years, we have gotten a variety of different seasons such as  Tamers, Frontier, Data Squad, just to name some of them!

Recently we the last 5 or so years we have had Digimon Adventure tri., Appmon and the recently released movie Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna.

Starting next month in Japan Digimon Adventure: will be airing which the trailer dropped last night can more info can be found here.

Digimon is right now at the strongest that has been for a long time.

Let’s hope for another 21 years!

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