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Latest pop-up shop now on!

It was announced a few days ago!

The pop-up shop features Taichi and Yamato along with Omegamon for this store.

The pop-up shop opened the other day and is also showing the latest memorial short at the theatre.

The shop will be open from October 16 to November 11.

The locations are  the following:

Shibuya PARCO 6 floor, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Udagawacho 15-1

Sendai PARCO Main Building 5F LB POP-UP THEATER
1-2-3 Chuo, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi.

They are open from 10:00 to 21:00.

As stated above you can watch the lastest memorial short called Evolution of Jogres of Longing

Important information regarding the memorial short:

One stamp will be stamped for every 1000 yen (tax included) purchased.
If you collect 5 points, you can watch the limited video in the theater room attached to the shop.
If you collect 5 points, you can watch the limited video at your favorite timing, so you do not have to use it on the same day

More information about the shop can be found here.

The Products!

Digimon Adventure: Acrylic de Card Vol.6 20Pack BOX

Pre-orders now open!

The pre-orders for the Digimon Adventure: Acrylic de Card Vol.6 box are now open.

They will ship late August 2020 and are 13,200JPY to buy from amiami.

They currently being sold at the latest feature pop-up shop which is still currently open. The Acrylic de Cards feature Digimon Adventure 2020 characters.

You can pre-order from amiami by clicking here

I am considering to split a box if there is enough interest in them

Digimon Pop-Up shop now open!

The store is now open!

The pop-up shop was announced a few weeks back and now recently just opened. More info can be found here.

Products on sale:

First up we have a clear file featuring the new key art of the kids and their Digimon partners. The clear file will cost you 400 yen to buy excluding tax.

Next up with have some badges featuring the new key are which will be blind packaged and will cost 400 yen each to buy excluding tax.

Some new keychains up for grabs which do look cool and they will cost 900 yen to buy each excluding tax.

Once again we got some new memorial magnet featuring scenes from the different Digimon series (S1 to S4) and are blind packaged which are on sale for 700 yen each excluding tax.


We have some more embroidery patches which seem to be popular within the Digimon community. The patches are 800 yen each to buy excluding tax.

Next, we have some hair bands of Patamon and Tailmon which will cost 2,200 each to buy!

We have a set of LaQ of Agumon and Gabumon! They will cost 2,000 yen to buy as a set excluding tax.

We have some more travel stickers up for grabs this time!  They are 700 yen each to buy excluding tax!

We have some more Acrylic de cards which are very popular! They feature the chosen children from the reboot for time and will cost 600 yen each to buy and are blind packaged.

Digimon Shop 3 at Limited Base Pop-Up Theater Coming July!

Another Pop-Up shop!

It has been announced over on twitter that there is going to be another POP-Up Shop and will be held at both of  the theatre locations which are:

Shibuya PARCO 6th floor.

Sendai PARCO Main Building 5 floor.

The store will be open from 10th July until 2nd September.

The art for this new pop-up shop features the chosen children and their partners from Digimon Adventure: (Digimon Adventure 2020)

This is the first pop-up shop that is themed as Digimon Adventure:

The products that will be on sale will be announced soon!

They will also be showing the next memorial short called Medical Student, Jou Kido which will be available to watch when you buy products from the store.


Part 2 Pop-Up Shop and goods up for grabs!

We knew this was coming…

It was announced not too long ago that there was going to be another pop-up shop that will showcase the next memorial short and today we get some more info! It is being called Part 2.

Overall I feel the art is pretty nice as it features all of the chosen children as adults along with their Digimon partners.

More information can be found here about the locations.

The products that are going to be up for grabs for this pop-up shop: